Recipe: Kangaroo

Type: Starter

Serves: 8 (50-60 g per person)

500 g kangaroo fillet
20 g salted butter
Fresh thyme, chopped
Fresh rosemary, chopped
Juniper, crushed
Black pepper, freshly ground

Sous vide: 56°C

Pat the meat dry and spice it with pepper, thyme and rosemary. Seal in sous vide bag with the butter. Cook for 1h. Take out the meat from the sous vide bag, pat the meat dry, sear the meat at very high temperature in a frying pan or with a torch, cut into thin strips and serve with cranberry relish.

Note: The kangaroo served at Serenity did not turn out as well as intended, so I might update this recipe a bit later on after some experimentation; I suspect that the time and/or temperature is not ideal. Kangaroo is *very* lean meat, and overcooks easily. You have been warned.

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