Recipe: Bacon whisky ice cream

Type: Savoury ice cream

240-250 g bacon
Brown sugar
5 dl custard
2 tsp peaty whisky

Oven: 200°C


Put the strips of bacon on a bacon tin, spread an even layer of brown sugar over the bacon.

Bake the bacon at 200°C for 12-16 minutes. Flip the bacon over halfway through, making sure to drag the bacon strips in the caramelised sugar.

Take the bacon strips out of the oven, let them cool, then chop them finely into tiny chips.

Pour the custard in an ice cream maker and let it churn, adding the bacon flakes and whisky right before it solidifies.

Note: this ice cream is a starter, not a dessert. Using dark rum instead of whisky makes it more suitable for dessert.

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