Recipe: Vanilla salt

Type: Condiment

0.5 dl gourmet sea salt (crystals)
2 vanilla pods

Carefully cut the vanilla pods open and scrape all of the seeds into a glass container together with the salt. Gently stir the salt until mixed with the vanilla.

Cut the vanilla pod into strips and put these strips in the salt as decoration.

Recipe: Kangaroo

Type: Starter

Serves: 8 (50-60 g per person)

500 g kangaroo fillet
20 g salted butter
Fresh thyme, chopped
Fresh rosemary, chopped
Juniper, crushed
Black pepper, freshly ground

Sous vide: 56°C

Pat the meat dry and spice it with pepper, thyme and rosemary. Seal in sous vide bag with the butter. Cook for 1h. Take out the meat from the sous vide bag, pat the meat dry, sear the meat at very high temperature in a frying pan or with a torch, cut into thin strips and serve with cranberry relish.

Note: The kangaroo served at Serenity did not turn out as well as intended, so I might update this recipe a bit later on after some experimentation; I suspect that the time and/or temperature is not ideal. Kangaroo is *very* lean meat, and overcooks easily. You have been warned.

Recipe: Cranberry relish

Type: Condiment

1 orange
200 g cranberries
1.75 dl sugar
0.5 dl chopped walnuts

Mix the juice of an orange plus half the zest together with sugar and chopped walnuts in a pan. Let the relish thicken over medium heat for at least 10 minutes. Let cool.

Note: Allow the relish a bit more time to thicken if frozen cranberries are used.


Recipe: Walnut cranberry bread

Type: Bread

3 dl water
2.5 tbsp oil
6.5 dl wheat flour
2 dl graham flour
2.5 tsp salt
2.5 tsp dry yeast

1 dl chopped walnuts
0.5 dl dried cranberries

Add all ingredients except walnuts and cranberries, following the instructions of your baking machine. Baking at the French Bread (or equivalent) setting, with crust set to dark (if such a setting is available). When the baking machine starts the final churning round, add the walnuts and cranberries (some baking machines notifies when it's time to add extra ingredients by issuing a beep).

Serve with unsalted butter and vanilla salt.

Recipe: Lingonberry whisky ice cream

Type: Savoury ice cream

200 g lingonberries
Dark agave syrup
5 dl custard
2 tsp whisky

Boil lingonberries in a small amount of water until they pop, sweetening with dark agave syrup. Mix with custard. Pour the custard in an ice cream maker and let it churn, adding the whisky right before it solidifies.

Recipe: Bacon whisky ice cream

Type: Savoury ice cream

240-250 g bacon
Brown sugar
5 dl custard
2 tsp peaty whisky

Oven: 200°C


Put the strips of bacon on a bacon tin, spread an even layer of brown sugar over the bacon.

Bake the bacon at 200°C for 12-16 minutes. Flip the bacon over halfway through, making sure to drag the bacon strips in the caramelised sugar.

Take the bacon strips out of the oven, let them cool, then chop them finely into tiny chips.

Pour the custard in an ice cream maker and let it churn, adding the bacon flakes and whisky right before it solidifies.

Note: this ice cream is a starter, not a dessert. Using dark rum instead of whisky makes it more suitable for dessert.

Recipe: Coconut lime lassi

Type: Refreshment

Serves: 8 (0.5 dl per person)

4 dl coconut milk
1.75 dl cooking yogurt or soygurt
4 tbsp lime juice
0.75 dl sugar
10-12 ice cubes

Mix all ingredients in a blender. Serve in champagne flutes.


Photos: Serenity -- 2012-05-19

(Copyright © 2012 Lotta Kivelä)

The staff of Serenity, from left to right: Alita (helpfully volunteering even though she was supposed to be a dinner guest), Lilli (sous-chef), Eeva (waitress) and David (chef)

(Copyright © 2012 Ville Nikula)

Preparing the kangaroo

(Copyright © 2012 Ville Nikula)

David reducing the sauce for the scallops

(Copyright © 2012 Ville Nikula)

Searing the lamb chops

(Copyright © 2012 Ville Nikula)

Table decoration artfully designed by Suvi Tulppo, table set by Alita Angel

Menu: Serenity -- 2012-05-19

Welcome drink:
Coconut lime lassi

First starter:
Bacon whisky ice cream
Lingonberry whisky ice cream

Walnut cranberry bread
Vanilla salt
Unsalted butter or margarine

Second starter:
Kangaroo meat with cranberry relish
Cinnamon honey mushrooms

Third starter:
Mandel potato pastry with caviart

Fourth starter:
Mango soup with ginger and chili

Fifth starter:

Meat course:
Lamb chops with hasselbackspotatoes, roasted garlic and glazed carrots
Parsley basil risotto baked in sweet pepper and glazed carrots

Palate cleanser:
Avocado tequila ice cream

Fish course:
Sous vide salmon with blood orange sauce and oven roasted fennel, apple and red onion

Chocolate cake with limoncello raspberry sauce