Serenity -- 2016-02-21

Welcome drink:
Mojito sphere

First Amuse Bouche:
Deep-fried egg yolk with truffle salt

Second Amuse Bouche:
Pickled avocado

First starter:
Cauliflower in three forms with leek ashes

Second starter:
Toast Skagen

First main course:
Duck breast sous vide under smoke dome with mashed potatoes

Palate cleanser:
Citrus sorbet

Second main course:
Green mussels with chorizo and vegetables

Västerbotten cheese crackers, champagne Brie, Queso Iberico, and rhubarb preserve

Coffee ice cream with blackberries and warm raspberry sauce


Menu: Serenity -- 2012-08-19

Welcome drink:
Vanilla sunrise

Amuse Bouche:
Carbonated grapes

First starter:
One hour eggs on puff pastry with Hollandaise sauce

Second starter:
Apple carpaccio

Third starter:
Green pea soup with goat cheese

First main course:
Mushroom risotto

Palate cleanser:
Lemon sorbet

Second main course:
Cucumber and zucchini lightly fried in paprika infused oil, cauliflower purée, paprika and taboulleh

Brie with orange/lemon zest marmalade

First Dessert:
Green tearamisu

Second Dessert:
Grandma's orange cake


News: Serenity will return on the 19th of August 2012

Serenity will be taking part in the next Restaurant Day, on the 19th of August 2012.

The concept remains the same:

  • A secret tasting menu with at least 6 courses
  • Two sittings (16:00-19:00 and 19:30-22:30), 8 persons/sitting
  • Reservations needed
  • 30€/person (25€ for students)


Recipe: Chocolate cake

Type: Dessert

3 eggs
3.5 dl sugar
150 g butter
1.5 dl cocoa powder
2 dl wheat flour
1 tsp vanilla

1.75 dl cream
150 g dark chocolate (70-85%)
20 g butter

Oven: 175°C

Whip egg & sugar at least 3 minutes. Melt butter, take from heat, add cocoa powder. Gently stir cocoa butter into the egg mixture, add flour + vanilla and stir it all to a smooth mixture. Pour mixture in baking tray with removable edges. Bake for 30-35 minutes depending on tray size.

Mix butter, cream, chocolate and melt on low heat. Take off heat, let solidify in room temperature.

When the cake and cream has cooled, coat the cake with the chocolate cream. Let the cake rest for 2-3 days before serving.

Serve the cake with Limoncello raspberry sauce.

Recipe: Limoncello raspberry sauce

Type: Condiment

500 g raspberries
2 dl Limoncello
1.5 dl sugar
1 lemon, zest of

Corn starch

Bring the Limoncello to a boil together with sugar and zest, stirring while the sugar melts. Reduce for a few minutes, then pour over the berries. Squeeze the raspberries and mix them thoroughly with the limoncello syrup, then let soak for at least 1h, preferably longer.

Strain the berries through a strainer and let it drip until all the berry juice had been drained out of the berries.

Mix some corn starch with a bit of the raspberry sauce in a cup and stir to a smooth liquid texture. Mix the roux back into the sauce, while stirring constantly.

Note: Make sure not to add too much roux to the sauce, otherwise it'll get too thick. Also ensure that you stir constantly to avoid lumps from forming.

Recipe: Sous vide salmon

Type: Main course

200 g salmon / portion

Sous vide: 50°C

Pat the salmon dry and seal in a sous vide bag. Cook for 30 minutes.

Pat the salmon dry again and sear the skin side with a blow torch. Serve with oven roasted fennel, apple and red onions and blood orange sauce.

Recipe: Oven roasted fennel, apple and red onion

Type: Side dish

2 large fennel bulbs, trimmed, diced
2 Golden delicious, diced
2 red onions, in wedges
Avocado oil
Black pepper

Oven: 200°C

Put fennel dices, apple dices and onion wedges in the bottom of an oven tray, sprinkle oil over and season with salt and pepper.

Roast for 25 minutes.